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About us

Ours is a project that starts from afar. A group of guys with many dreams but with the awareness of today's harsh working reality. Young people with the desire to get involved, the desire to emerge, to leave a small mark, to shout to the world that the will must win over everything else. Finally, with time and many sacrifices, we managed to overcome our limitations, starting this project. Gradually we specialized, alongside historic Fiorentine leather goods, we learned, we failed, we tried again. We sell leather bags, but what we care most about is the awareness that we can make a person who wears our bag happy. We are transparent, honest and sincere. We admit the mistakes we make (and we do everything to remedy it) and in a short time, thanks to hard work, we have managed to gain your trust. We invite you to read your opinions and reviews on our Facebook page. We will not stand here and dwell on the goodness of the product on offer, we do not believe it is necessary, we will not stand here to tell you that our prices are unbeatable or how much you appreciate our proposal. We think it is useless to draw up lists to tell you how beautiful or good we are, we prefer to make you try one of our products, the judgments, it is up to you. What we can tell you is that all our bags are guaranteed, they are handcrafted in Florence, they are produced with selected Pellami of first choice, and that we are at your disposal at any time to answer questions or solve any Misunderstandings. You can contact us by email, chat, or through our Whatsapp service. We conclude by saying THANK YOU, to those who have already bought from us, to those who are about to do it, to those who will never do it, but have lost a minute of their time to read something about us.