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Our Mission

“Companies have goals . Instead, brands have a mission . "

Fury is not just a company, it is above all a brand.

And its mission is so clear that you don't need many words to embellish its concepts, its values are enough .


The success of our brand goes hand in hand with your satisfaction.

Our creations must not be just accessories but symbols,

the sum of choice, character, practicality and beauty of the wearer.


Society, technology, culture, everything today runs at the speed of the data packets of the internet.

Trends change quickly to satisfy the pockets of large producers.

Ideas follow trends without having the time to leave a deep mark.

Fury, in all of this, has instead chosen tradition and leaves technology alone

the part relating to communication, to reach you immediately, when you want it.

FURY aims in its production to preserve the tradition of quality handmade made in Italy.


FURY products are handmade in Italy with leather tanned as it once was.

That means no questionable chemicals, just the highest quality materials.

The vegetable tanning process and the seams of FURY give you a truly unique and durable product.