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Faq - frequent Questions

- Would I want to organise a product, but how can I trust improving on-line?

Above all at the beginning, it was a recurrent question. A factor on all, it guarantees for you: PayPal. PayPal is the only system of on-line payment, which guarantees the repayment to you, if the object is not delivered. Besides, you read the tens of testimonies on our conduct, you will be quieter.

 - Where do I can visionare physically your products?

Our products are visible only on-line. We have not a show-room, not even tantomeno we sell in physical businesses. This lets us commercialise the product at a lower price, and lets you purchase a homemade article in the half of the cost offered by traditional leather goods.

- Must I present one of your products, can have the certainty of the delivery within a specific date?

If it is needed of the product for a determinate deadline (present, ceremony etc...) he advises itself always to ask us for confirmation before making the purchase. We will inform you about the exact escape tempistiche, in order that uneasinesses do not create for you or to create mistakes.

- What will I receive?

Inside the box that will come to you delivered, you will find, as well as the comprehensive tidy product of label, a commode shopper/dust bag where to be able to replace and to protect the article, the summary receipt of the order and the authenticity certificate. In all the our products, internally, you will find the denomination of "true skin", which guarantees the goodness and the originality of the used matter.

- Have I received my purse one week, but I would want to change model, it is possible?

Of course. Within 14 days of the date of arrival, you can substitute the model (with the cost difference in positive or negative to compare), or the colour. The cost of this service is 10 € (cost of the forwarding of return). We keep to your seriousness, as to on the aesthetic conditions of the returned object.

- Have I seen purses similar at higher prices, can trust on your quality?

Absolutely itself. I invite you to read the reviews that regard it to make you an idea. For the price, in part I have already answered in one of the preceding questions. We sell only on-line, it lets us have this of the lightly inferior fixed costs compared to a physical business. Besides, and here I invite you to read our history, our interest is turned above all in letting us know, proposing articles of absolute quality, at a reasonable price.

- Does the purse present a defect, as I must behave?

Some times, it can arrive, uselessly to hide it. We are the possible ones to reduce the errors, but we admit of making a mistake in rare occasions (fortunately). No problem. The purse will be withdrawn by the messenger (obviously to our expenses), and there will come to you proposed the repayment or the replacement once returned by us. Unfortunately, in past we have had not much agreeable experiences as to, then we always ask for a photo of the found defect.

- How can I contact you?

Whatsapp (alone chat): 39 3317128960


- Which payment methods do you accept?

PayPal (also with credit card), credit card, payment to the delivery, payment to half a bank transfer. The systems of digital payment are criptati and proteges.

- How much costs me the forwarding?

The forwarding in Italy does not cost you anything, is always free!

- Do I present furnished manufactures?

No, it does not return between the offered services. We advise you, if you must do a present time, always of asking in advance for the availability and to make the order in advance. We cannot ensure the arrival agreed by the messenger to you.

- Are discounts disposable?

Iscrivendoti to our Newsletter you have right to a discount of welcome. Besides, we try to propose (to not regular cadence), promotions and dedicated offers about which you will be informed path mail or directly through the home page of our site.

- The greatest part of the articles, does he present 2 prices (I activate one and the bared one), what does it mean?

We keep to specify this point. The bared price does not regard any scontistica not even tantomeno any special offer. The bared price is always present. The reason is simply that of showing you the middle price of marketing of that determinate product.

- Do I live abroad and I would want to improve, it is possible?

Dal 2019 we have increased our forwarding service, adding the forwarding towards the foreign countries. If your zone has served, the forwarding uses (the departure of the neck) on average you give 4 to 7 working days. If your product was not disposable in ready delivery, you will be reimbursed within 24h at the emission of the order. You will be able to contact us subsequently to have the confirmation of the riassortimento of the model of you chosen. The possible forwarding of returned, it will be to cargo of the buyer.

- At last, why to improve?

Bella it asks. Because you would give oxygen to a young, Italian and healthy project. Because you would give us the possibility of proving to be the engagement, the attention, the care and the wish that we put in all the our proposals. Why if you like the product, and if you think that the expense to be supported is congruous, will you put on a purse produced in the world capital of the leather goods: Florence.