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The transparency you deserve

When you approach a so-called non-"essential" product, such as a fashion accessory  or a piece of furniture, usually the variables that are taken into consideration are  given by the relationship that links the quality of the product with its purchase price.

Speaking of leather, our core business, we often hear from buyers, why, why , the cost of a product appears significantly higher than what is defined, with varying degrees of approximation, "average price".

The answer is simple, but not at all obvious: it first of all concerns the extreme attention that professionals like us, devote to the materials to be used. In other words, you can find numerous types of leathers on the market, their price varies according to treatments, import-export, special processes, special colors.

The work of stylistic research, scouting, continuous updating on trends, new materials and processes, is then a second parameter that differentiates the quality of the final product: large retailers can "afford" to create continuous garments, at low prices, which they find a recycling even with the passing of the collections, but the artisan entrepreneurship does not: it must focus on the continuous evolution of itself, carefully calibrating each step.

Made-in-Italy as a guarantee of quality:

The excellence that Made-in-Italy products normally boast is given by the craftsmanship of the tradesmen, that cultural heritage of knowing that you find imprinted, even without the necessary display of a logo symbol of luxury, in the products made. It is also just a detail, a seam, a soft touch that enriches the garment / accessory in a unique way, making it so precious precisely because it is the result of meticulous workmanship and with solid foundations.

Made-in-Italy, a choice that we pursue with courage and determination because it is inherent in our corporate genetic code, is not based on overproduction formulas, large numbers and mass-produced items, but often works on small quantities, prefers smaller collections but frequent.

This, for those who draw and then have them produced, is a cost.

And so ...

If you think carefully about the above, that is to say the delicate mechanism behind a product on display, the set of choices (sometimes read: risks) that a manufacturing company must make driven more than anything else by passion and motivation for your profession, you will easily come to understand how our products cannot be defined as out of budget, but rather testify to the continuous search for balance between novelty, fashion, design, quality of raw materials and authentic artisan tradition

If this isn't worth it ....