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Who we are

Passion, dedication, tradition.


Fury is the land of those looking for a timeless style and appreciating tradition rather than following trends that change quickly and continuously. A place where the bag is more than just an accessory, but a canvas that paints itself with your story, which lives with you. A place for those looking for something unique, beautiful, which represents them forever.

A man's dream.

Being born in Tuscany, a symbolic land of leather tanning since the 1200s, with a passion for leather clothing accessories is not just destiny. It is also a responsibility.

The school, then the university, the first job, in short, the life of a boy. But the dream has always been there.

The leather, the smell of tannin, a thread that pierces a strip of freshly tanned leather to bind it forever to another. It couldn't be just a coincidence that I loved all of this. And as soon as it was possible I put everything on the table to meet him. Experience, money, will. All for him. And the word dream in this story is not just synonymous with desire. Maybe it's true, destiny has something to do with it, at least a little. After all, Fury is the ardor of a proud soaring Pegasus . Fury is the Tuscany of yesterday. And that of today.

Quality is the sum of past and present.

Studying I realized that the quality, even if maximum, was not everything. Already in 1200 the first corporation of the sector " Arte dei Cuoiai e dei Galigai" , which brought together all the trades involved in the processing of leathers, from leather workers, tanners, retailers and gilders, imposed extremely strict rules. This was the only way to guarantee the high quality requirements that still characterize Italian leather as the best known in the world. But the term quality did not refer only to that of the product, the extreme care of the relationship with the customer was also of utmost importance, the pinnacle of the interest of the entire production chain. First of all, people. And as a person, Fury doesn't let itself be judged by looks alone. Nor by the sum of appearance and culture. A person also and above all evaluates himself by his scale of values.

Dedication, to perfection.

Imagine the design. Choosing the raw materials. Take care of the details. All this without forgetting practicality. After all, a bag must contain, protect, preserve what we care about and what we need. Yet, after all this, the dream is still incomplete. Focus on people. Before the model I want to imagine the woman who will wear it . And soon I'll tell you Chapter 4 of this story.

In faith

Filippo Toccafondi