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Made in Italy and Ratings

Made in Italy :

Irregularity of the veins, non-homogeneous gradation, scratch or surface scratch, must be considered qualities and not defects, natural and fundamental characteristics of the selected leathers. For our Vintage selection, the color may slightly differ from that shown, the bathroom to which the leather is subjected, never makes a uniform color for all products.
The slight variations that time and wear bring with it, as well as the delicacy to scratches and abrasions, enhance its beauty and authenticity.
Falling in love with the object and experiencing it in its total naturalness makes it unrepeatable, authentic and personalized.

Online evaluations:

Reviews, for those who market online, are essential. We believe they are the mirror with which to present yourself to all those people who have not yet had the opportunity to try one of our products. We remind you, that on the web, the rating up to 3 stars is considered insufficient. Before leaving a review that could hinder our growth, contact us. All, we repeat, all the problems can be solved, up to the complete refund. We ask you for your concern and sensitivity not to use them as an outlet, but to use them for the purpose for which they were created: to evaluate the service. We put our heart and a lot of effort into it, when we make a mistake, we admit it, and we solve it even at the expense of our profit. It is important for us to ensure a positive experience in order to focus our energies on duplication.
You can find reviews on our work by visiting the dedicated section on the site.