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White by Fury: the bag that wasn't there

January 06, 2021 2 min read

If you are a lover of leather and its processes, surely you will not have missed one of the latest trends, a process that is truly revolutionary and portentous in its own way, namely the so-called white tanning, or Wet White.


This process, born from the need to make the entire leather processing phase more and more transparent and clean, makes the tanning even more natural, eliminating the chromium residues that can sometimes remain on the products and combining together synthetic, vegetable tannins, glutaraldehyde and minerals such as aluminum and zirconium.

Wet processing is extremely eco-sustainable as it does not produce waste or residues that are harmful to the environment but on the contrary, the leathers tanned with this method are recyclable.

From the point of view of softness, color (light and pastel shades), pleasantness to the touch and environmental sustainability, there is no doubt that the performance of Wet White tanning is truly unbeatable.

Clearly, a type of processing such as this, more complex in terms of timing and above all with a greater control system than chrome tanning, must incur significantly higher costs.

Also in Fury, always attentive to the latest trends and even more to compliance with standards in terms of eco-sustainability and green economy, we decided to produce a bag model in Wet White.

The result is an accessory of extraordinary softness, with braided workmanship, accessories in brushed brass, a vivid leather color that almost shines, with its luster, under the rays of the sun.

A multifaceted bag, which can be easily worn on various occasions and times of the day, but above all a product that testifies to the qualitative and ethical value of our company, always ready to get involved with new challenges, methods, processes.

White will be available this month, and we can't wait for your feedback on it.