Will we return to travel? Meanwhile ... let's get the bag ready

The times we live in are uncertain, fragility grips us and we look for answers that are slow in coming. Will we go back to "normal"? Will we, for example, resume traveling?

Well, we want to be optimistic and hope that yes, it will happen soon. Recovering resources and energy for a weekend, after an intense week of work - be it smart-working or in person - is a pleasure and a truly priceless little luxury.

When we find ourselves planning last-minute trips, without too much notice, we are often forced to put in a trolley, or a duffel bag, a few clothes, perhaps folded quickly, a spare shirt and a pair of jeans.

Well ... what could be more comfortable, as a suitcase, than a soft bag produced with washed leather, vintage effect, in natural calf leather, equipped with: padlock closure, micro-fiber lining, internal pockets?

With extremely capacious measures, available in different colors, the duffle bag XL di Fury is the passepartout par excellence for your outings: because when you are out and about, the travel accessory is the trademark that distinguishes the personality, that glamorous touch that allows us to never disfigure, not to seem improvised or, even worse, unkempt but rather to have the right hype as a globetrotter, by people who love adventure and the wonders of the world out there.

The right size to be filled with the necessary, carried by hand and then loaded in the trunk of the car; captivating colors - not to go unnoticed, a modern design with a rock touch.

And then, waiting to begin to pick up the strings of our everyday life, interspersed with pleasant and necessary moments of escape and leisure, we begin to put on the bed the perfect outfit for a weekend in the countryside, for example, or a spring evening by the sea.

Don't forget the XL Fury though: it's the one that will make the journey even more magical.

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