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Why buy genuine leather?

September 17, 2020 2 min read

How many times, before shopping, have you found yourself in a price / quality dilemma?

Well, we imagine very frequently. In a society with very fast consumption, which often prefers thefast fashion to the detriment of research and production of high standards, it is not uncommon to see shop windows full of cheap clothing and accessories, garments that follow the trend of the moment but do not respect the long work of those who, like us, do before all...craftsmanship.

Our products, entirely processed inFlorence, are the result of a boundless passion and a careful study of materials and treatments: the skin therefore has oneresistance it's aduration absolutely incomparable with respect to leatherette or PVC.

Leather is an extremely versatile material, tactile very delicate, extremely valuable in terms of value and beneficial for those suffering from asthma and allergies since its texture means that mites cannot penetrate it.

Thereleatherette, which is not a product of animal origin but which is made by covering some fabrics such as linen with plastic materials, is not very breathable and can only simulate the effect of softness that leather, on the other hand, has.

The PVC (Polyvinyl chloride, on the other hand, is a plastic material with a very strong environmental impact: buying such a product, which is clearly easy to find at low cost, is a detrimental choice for the sustainability of our planet.a.

The price / quality dilemma we were talking about a moment ago, therefore, today takes on a large number of variables and measures. 

In the face of their respective economic possibilities as well as their own aesthetic taste, everyone is sovereign. We can give you advice and suggest that you pay attention to the manufacturing and production aspect. Behind our accessories there is a stylistic research that studies the shapes, the colors, the single details, with the precision and art of those who work to be able to give the best.o.

Because deep down we believe that in a world of copies and comparisons ... the only solution is to be true.