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Leather: secrets and tricks to recognize its originality

June 08, 2021 2 min read

How many times have you wondered how to distinguish between real and fake leather? In fact, in the increasingly varied and continuous offer of the market there are garments and accessories of all kinds: real leather, however, has essential characteristics and a guarantee of quality that is the result of the long and complex process of manufacturing, control, all-round craftsmanship that requires.

Yes ... because the first borderline between genuine leather and synthetic leather is that an original garment still needs manual skills: not everything can be done mechanically.

Genuine leather is fire resistant - while synthetic materials will tend to burn quickly - it is breathable, it is characterized by an unmistakable smell, it is extremely resistant but has an uneven structure so much so that the classic streaks of color - that detail it gives to garments with the unmistakable aged effect - represent the uniqueness of a 100% original product.

The real leather garments are certified and often branded to certify their authenticity. The differences between real leather and synthetic fabric can be recognized also and above all by the structure: if the grain side, the external part of the material, can be emulated in an (almost completely) faithful way, the internal part - the so-called flesh side - has characteristics that are difficult to reproduce.

The advantages of wearing genuine leather garments and accessories are numerous: first of all there is a guarantee of excellence and quality that gives value to your purchase; the resistance of the product - and the yield - has a very high standard.

Choosing genuine leather means supporting the craftsmanship of those who master a trade, of those who know the secrets of manufacturing, it means confirming the choice of raw materials and focusing on excellence.

Synthetic products are often untraceable, have a medium-low duration of use which increases the harmful economy of fast-fashion which is based on principles of overproduction and exploitation of labor.