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Great Reasons to Graduate: A Fury Bag

April 07, 2021 2 min read

Those who have embarked on a university career know perfectly well how many sacrifices and days of study require that famous and coveted official sheet that is the dream of all students.



The degree: the first step in building your career and entering the world of work.

But graduation also means celebration, a moment of celebration and shared joy (even if only through a PC screen, as happened to many students in the last year). Graduation also means the gift of relatives and closest friends, that mix of packages and parcels that is a pendant with the laurel wreath on the head.

One of the most popular gifts for the occasion are business bags: practical, comfortable for the PC or books, and also an auspicious object, one could say, so that the job search is lucky and productive.

The Fury catalog offers a very interesting choice of multi-tasking bags, or accessories that can act without any problem as business bags, having the necessary capacity to contain the essentials - including the laptop - and the right adjustment of handles and shoulder straps. .

There are also those who choose to opt for backpacks, preferring to balance the weight of the objects contained on both shoulders.

The Fury choices, even in that case, are a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. The business bag, in fact, for us who live in a hyper-connected society, which takes us almost simultaneously in as many places as possible at the same time, must also be a pleasant accessory, as well as manageable.

To go from a meeting room to an appointment with customers, from a business lunch to an end-of-day aperitif with friends, the business bag will become an integral part of everyday life, it will be in the car, on the desk, at the bar.

So good luck to all undergraduates and undergraduates of the next summer season. Our Furybags bags are waiting for you to pleasantly accompany you in the professional career that awaits you.