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Mix & Match or Ton sur Ton? To each their own style


With the evolution of trends and the concept of style,in recent years we have increasingly found ourselves faced with catwalks that offered eccentric looks, bizarre combinations, garments with a singular fit, continuous color revolutions.

And speaking of colors, a double alternative has been gradually defined: those who prefer the mix & match style, that is the only apparently casual combination - but in reality specifically studied case by case - of different models and nuances and those who have remained faithful to the ton-sur-ton line, i.e. a precise chromatic scale declined ad hoc on the garments that are worn.

In this choice of principle, if we can say so, accessories clearly play a fundamental role.

For many women, the bag is considered an object that shines with its own light: it does not matter that it is perfectly matching the outfit. If it is a good quality accessory, if it combines style and harmonious shapes, it does not have to combine at all costs with the colors of the garments worn.

For other women, however, the fact that the bag is absolutely coordinated with the blazer or suit is an essential aspect.

Our Fury proposals, in this sense, try to modulate on both schools of thought: while keeping basic colors as a strong point in our collections, we sometimes love to play with more eclectic palettes, colors like mustard or military green, able to give a clutch bag a more personal and extravagant cut.

Especially if we look at small size accessories, it can be fun to indulge in confusing them with other shades, mixing them - in fact - in a balance of patterns and patterns that makes for a fresher and more casual look.

Our color variants are able to satisfy even the most refined tastes they see in taupe, for example, a timeless alternative, a soft and elegant color, which matches every shade.

Which of the two philosophies belongs to you more? Mix & Match or Ton sur ton?


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