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Never again without: the timeless charm of the backpack

October 11, 2020 2 min read

In step with the fashions of the moment, comfortable and practical for everyday use but also a glamorous detail, with a unique versatility, able to enrich your autumn outfits with that extra touch, the backpack is back to depopulate as an inevitable accessory in the wardrobe.

Many alternatives proposed, from more sporty models, in canvas and canvas, suitable for the needs and lifestyles of the youngest, to more structured and resistant shapes, in leather or velvet, which become real iconic garments, also suitable evening occasions, when fashion certainly can't catch you unprepared.

The Fury proposals for leather backpacks and backpacks are extremely varied: we start from unisex models, spacious and with strong lines, produced with washed leather, vintage effect, in natural calfskin, garment dyed, essential accessories for your days between the office, appointments around the city, errands to attend to, children to pick up at school; generously sized bags that can hold everything you need to cope with your very tight daily schedule.

For those who never want to give up that touch of flair, creativity, and love to stand out from the others, Fury offers a limited edition reversible backpack / bag, hand painted.

With unique patterns and colors, the limited edition in the catalog is a product that releases eccentricity, the desire to play and transform, since fashion is also this: a pleasant space in which to dare, a way of representing oneself that has no patterns and no judgments. .

And if your smart and organized rhythms contemplate sudden changes from the office to a dinner with friends, or a business aperitif, do not panic: a soft backpack, reversible in a shoulder bag, with front braiding, is just what you need. .

Thanks to its structure capable of adapting from daytime to nightime in the blink of an eye, you will have the possibility to "change modes" without having to put a second handbag in the trunk of the car.

Well ... there are no excuses. There is always a good reason to wear a backpack.