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The perfection of ... a weave: details that make the difference:

May 05, 2021 2 min read

When we think of a woven bag, we certainly can't help but mention the historical one Cabat of Bottega Veneta, that condensation of charm and good taste that for twenty years has entered the imagination of fashion accessories as a symbol of luxury without ostentation.

The weaving technique, an extremely delicate, artisanal process that requires expert hands and numerous processing steps, is the quintessence of elegance: a woven leather bag has the value of easily modulating on a casual, contemporary style, but also to act as a flagship for a more sober and classic look, for charming women who dress in neutral palettes and with feminine and regular cuts.

There Nico by Fury is a soft shoulder bag, entirely woven, produced with washed leather, vintage effect, in natural calf leather, garment dyed. Equipped with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, microfiber lining, internal pockets, brushed brass accessories, the accessory that we propose among the "Latest arrivals" is available in numerous colors including mustard, military green and blue.

In the nuance face powderfor example,perfect for the spring season, this accessory perfectly represents the philosophy of our products: enhancing the quality of the leather used and   focusing on a comfortable shape, it stands out for its essential elegance, the right balance between casual and aesthetics, for a garment that can comfortably be worn during the day, embellishing a more formal outfit or a business suit, as well as in the evening, for more worldly and glamorous occasions and appointments.

The vintage leather, with its decisive appearance and the natural nuances that distinguish it, gives the accessory a unique imprint, that flavor old style of tradition, of a fashion that has been handed down over time, has evolved, has been re-discussed and changed to arrive as new up to your wardrobe.