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The Vintage world

November 11, 2020 2 min read

Not everything that glitters is vintage: (useful) shopping tips


How many times have you allowed yourself to be attracted by a market or shop of vintage clothes and accessories, seduced by that retro flavor, that impeccable taste to which the mind is called when we think of the glorious fashions of wonderful years, when tailoring, attention to detail were the flagship of an industry - that of fashion, precisely - which has always found its highest expression in Italian craftsmanship.

Oh yes ... it must really be said that the world of vintage, and second-hand, already has an inherent, iconic style, the allure of something that has already been owned by someone else, which gave a life and an emotion.

It must be said, however, that the business on the vintage universe has become increasingly fierce and disproportionate in recent years, so out of control that it is no longer able to recognize if the garments and accessories proposed are really, always, vintage ... objects.

As for leather products, for example, there is a huge difference between vintage leather and vintage effect. Thanks to the particular processes and always at the forefront in our sector, is today it is possible to reproduce an aged, retro effect that some might confuse you as vintage.

When you buy it is therefore good to know how to look at the details, touch the skin, smell it, check its cuts and softness. In order not to be caught unprepared, risking to buy something that is not really what you expect, it is necessary to be scrupulous and careful.

Many of our models of bags and backpacks, for example, despite being all contemporary productions, are inspired by the vintage mood (and the leather has in fact the different processes): extremely fascinated by "lived" accessories, in the emotional meaning of the term, the one for which an object takes shape and uniqueness thanks to the lifeblood we give it, bringing it, we often tend to recreate with our models the shapes and inspirations of a world of fashion that has left us wonderful traces.

Stay on top, then: vintage is beautiful. It is enough to know how to recognize it.