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The charm of large bags

December 09, 2020 2 min read

Some like it ... Maxi

The charm of large bags


They have been raging on the catwalks for some years and among the most paparazzi looks of celebrities from all over the world; they have become a real trend in the urban style of many women, transversal by age, profession, models. In short, the maxi bags are so popular and seem to have become a real one guilty pleasure, indispensable and trendy.


Well, it all begins - as always in fashion - with a radical change in attitudes and lifestyles: the bag is no longer just an aesthetic quirk - the classic accessory - for festive occasions but becomes a real work tool : it contains documents and objects that are needed during the day. We must therefore always keep it close, from the car to the office, from the occasion for recreation to interviews with teachers. Traces, advice, reports, answers accumulate in the bag. In short, the bags have gradually begun to put essential pieces of their lives.


It goes without saying that the dimensions of the iconic object of elegance and femininity par excellence have expanded with the passing of fashions and the years: the maxi bags, or totes, today fall on the shoulders of many women, have variations, shapes and colors of more disparate: they are sack, in more comfortable and dynamic fabrics, as in worked leather and with more classic and refined shapes.

However, the trend seems the same: indulge yourself and dare.

Yes, because in addition to a matter of practicality and daily use, the bag is still an extension of one's personality, a business card of one's look, and you don't want to give up creativity and charm.


The soft Fury duffel bag, for example, produced with washed leather, vintage effect and with ultra-capacious dimensions, is in natural calfskin leather, garment dyed and is equipped with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, microfiber lining, internal pockets and external pocket ; it is a comfortable and gritty passepartout that is well suited to the different needs of each one and that finds its functionality both for more formal occasions, for work, and in free time, for an evening with friends.

Because there are no pre-established rules on colors, shapes and sizes: with a maxibag you are free to express yourself, to be authentic.