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What type are you? Black or leather color?

January 06, 2021 2 min read

There is a historic and heated question, among all leather lovers, which has been resisting for many years: is black or leather better?

Some of the most important international stylists and designers have expressed themselves on the subject, not only through their collections, but also with opinions, claims and sometimes real posters.

Choosing “which side to stand on” is not at all easy: it is not a mere aesthetic preference, or a strategic choice based on the outfit, but rather a personality trait.

Black leather, synonymous with pride, with a rebellious and unconventional soul, is undoubtedly the call of scream of musical celebrities, think of the famous biker jacket or the accessories of rock stars who have gone down in history, that scratch disruptive that came on the covers of newspapers or the covers of music albums.

Black leather means breaking out of standards and conformities, playing with one's own image, unhinging aesthetic conventions and always being ready to amaze.

The leather color, on the other hand, is the variant par excellence of the vintage world, for all those who love the tradition, the natural, clean effect of an accessory but also the symbol of elegance and refinement.

With a great appeal from the public and stylists, forcefully back in the limelight in the last twenty years, the leather color is always a guarantee and an excellent business card for every outfit chosen: often embellished with aged workmanship, or with ad hoc brushing to modify it slightly the aspect, the leather color is the timeless classic that you cannot do without in your wardrobe (or in the trunk of our mother's old clothes and accessories).

When you are about to choose a leather bag, evaluating black or leather is therefore mainly an option that has to do with our personality, with our way of interpreting fashion, of expressing ourselves, of choosing ourselves.

In Fury we always leave you free, offering both variants on our models, to follow your personal inclination.

But tell us ... what color are you?