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Tell me which beauty you choose and I'll tell you who you are ...

February 04, 2021 2 min read


An accessory that is too often undervalued, engulfed by the frenzy of our lives as globetrotters and compulsive travelers (at least, as long as we have been able to travel), the beauty-case is an iconic, unisex object that says a lot about our personalities.

When traveling, whether for a short business trip or a pleasure trip to exotic and faraway destinations, everyone brings their necessity: a case or purse useful to contain precisely those objects essential for hygiene and personal well-being: toothbrush, make-up, plasters, pads, things that reassure us to always have at hand.

It goes without saying that the beauty-case must be, first of all, extremely comfortable and easy to handle: it is impossible to combine comfort and aesthetic impact? Far from it. The case for our essential items can and should also be beautiful to look at. It represents a bit of who we are and what we want to communicate. It is also the small private treasure chest that we bring when we are away from home, it reminds us who we are and where we come from.

The soft clutch / beauty bag by Fury is produced with washed leather, vintage effect in natural cowhide leather, garment dyed. It is equipped with: double compartment with zip closure, microfiber lining, internal pocket and accessories in brushed brass.

The microfibre lining is an essential detail for those who transport liquids and materials which, if overturned, could compromise the fate of your trip, giving rise to unpleasant inconveniences, perhaps at the airport or in a taxi, that no one would want to experience.

With practical dimensions, within reach of a trolley but also a maxi-bag, the Fury case has an essential, minimal style, and looks at the needs of a curious explorer, of anyone who travels with a passion for adventure without ever giving up the class of a touch of that touch in more.

Write it down for the next travel experience you will do.