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Things to know about leather: the future is all vegetable

April 07, 2021 2 min read

If the most ancient and artisan tanning traditions are merged with new technologies and manufacturing processes based on the use of natural tannins, here we come to vegetable leather, a product of excellent quality, which does not suffer the wear and tear of time but rather , by imprinting on itself the signs and shades of something unique and lived-in, it gives a bag or accessory that decisive and authentic character that embellishes the most iconic garments.


Vegetable tanning boasts countless properties including, for example, the absence of toxic substances and the high sustainability and environmental impact, characteristics of primary importance in a voracious and fast economy that often massacres the environment and resources. loss of production.

Vegetable tanned products are easily disposed of, the substances used in the processing phase can be reprocessed and reused, the same animal skin used for vegetable tanning is taken from cattle destined for the food industry.

The rule, therefore, is to minimize waste by aiming to maximize product quality and environmental sustainability.

The tannin, which occurs naturally in many plants, gives a fascinating appearance to vegetable tanned garments thanks also to the shades of color that it "takes" over time: a bag produced with this process, for example, will take on an unmistakable appearance unique, and it will become something much more defined than a simple seasonal accessory or a glamorous quirk.

It will be the very expression of a different way of understanding fashion, it will be the symbol of an ethical culture that takes to heart the entire production chain, which looks at resources and raw materials and not just the finished product.

Today, when we are increasingly invaded by fast fashion, by garments that end their life cycle in a couple of seasons, it is essential to discover processing methods such as vegetable tanning, which restore that value to a creation, to a product. project, idea, which is the meaning and reason of Art itself.