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Bags for Spring / Summer 2021: we'll see some ... nice ones

December 09, 2020 2 min read

Bags for Spring / Summer 2021: we'll see some ... nice ones


It does not lose appeal and desire to restart the fashion sector which, indeed, for the Spring / Summer 2021 season is full of proposals, glamor and inevitable trends that have illuminated the most important catwalks in the world, albeit behind closed doors. , recounting the pride and the challenge of a sector that remains at the forefront of the markets and amazes for its creativity and passion.


Especially in terms of accessories, the next spring / summer season is truly a riot of captivating proposals: in fact, the most disparate bags are raging. Irresistible accessory, transversal trademark, from the most popular luxury brands to young designers from overseas: all enrich their outfits with the feminine accessory par excellence.

The trend seems to polarize at the antipodes: on the one hand we are witnessing the confirmation of the maxi-bags as the perfect garment for the urban style, more versatile and dynamic, on the other hand the mini-clutches are the real protagonists of the most sophisticated and high fashion.

The key word is minimal: well-defined but very clean lines, the desire to experiment with shapes and less with extravagant logos and applications; high quality fabrics and neutral tones: the references of next season are to an essential fashion, which leaves the woman at the center of the stage, the only protagonist of her choices, responsible for her look and decisions.

In an era that is confirmed to be decisive for self-affirmation and the desire to break free from stereotypes and compromises, the next spring / summer season transposes all the pride of the feminine into fashion.