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“Shared wardrobe”: if your Him ... steals your accessory

May 05, 2021 2 min read

In a time never like this gender-fluid, characterized by the extreme ease with which fashion redraws its boundaries without setting limits on identity and the frantic search for definitions and labels, you will certainly have noticed how some garments and accessories have quietly passed from masculine to feminine and vice versa . In other words, we have witnessed a relativization of fashion, understood as an opportunity to express oneself not in an absolute and defining way. Fashion is also a game, a fun, a form of creativity, a tool to free oneself from onerous chains of judgments and aim for freedom of expression.

In this flow of thought and actions, therefore, her wardrobe is also his: not too skinny trousers, or regular fit jeans, an oversized sweater, are transversal garments without gender implications.

Accessories, especially bags and backpacks, are rampant in the male wardrobe not only for business occasions but also in more informal casual looks. 

And here then is that the Brick Fury has become an irresistible object also (and above all!) For men.

Unisex backpack with brick weave details, reversible in the bag (by removing the shoulder straps or adapting a single shoulder strap) our accessory is produced with washed leather, vintage effect in natural calf leather, garment dyed. It is equipped with 2 adjustable and removable rear shoulder straps, microfiber lining, internal pockets, zip and buckle closure, external pockets, brushed brass accessories.

The Brick is an extremely capacious backpack: it can act as a work accessory, with its soft shapes that do not clutter and adapt to various everyday situations, from the car to the office, from a taxi taken in a hurry to an audience in court, but it is also perfect as a walking bag, for metropolitan men who love to experiment with trendy and creative outfits.

Well ... if you don't want to risk running out of Brick in the closet, dear ladies, it takes two.