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Some (or maybe everyone) likes green: why focus on eco-sustainability

May 05, 2021 2 min read

If you browse the images of our latest arrivals you will not be able to help but notice several products in vegetable leather is skin wet-white.

As we mentioned previously - and for those who have lost it - when we talk about Wet processing we refer to an eco-sustainable process that does not produce waste or residues that are harmful to the environment. Vegetable tanned products, on the other hand, are easily disposed of, the substances used in the processing phase can be reworked and reused, the animal's skin itself comes from cattle destined for the food industry.

So why focus and choose to focus on this type of work? Let's say the reason is very simple and affects us all. The planet. The environment.

The fashion industry is responsible for a massive part of the overall air pollution, the leather tanning itself can have a strong impact both from the point of view of water discharges - water pollution - and emissions into the atmosphere - air pollution. Is it possible to do something? You will ask us.

Absolutely yes, that's the answer. Both from the point of view of the producer and the consumer.

As for those who produce, it is necessary to engage in increasingly eco-compatible processes, which support the idea of circular economy, which make use of standardized certifications, which encourage good practices of reuse, waste reduction and product regeneration.

For what concerns the consumer, however, it is good to work onpurchase ethics, or rather on the awareness that what you buy has a supply chain behind it, a journey that is often very complex and long. Being updated on how much a garment "costs" and on the "average" life span of a product is a good starting point for forming a consumer awareness that stops exploiting the resources at our disposal without distinction but is committed to a more economic economy. healthy and respectful.